What  is The Sports Inclusion Project?

The Sports Inclusion Project, founded by Campus Pride and Athlete Ally, is a multi-year project that will assess, improve, and elevate lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) inclusion in college athletics and recreational sports. It will focus on all levels of college athletics and participation within recreational sports, setting a national standard of LGBT-inclusion in sports policies, programs, and practices. The Sports Inclusion Project will provide a critical foundation of understanding and vital resources for assisting college sports communities in improving athletics and recreational sports.


When will The Sports Inclusion Project take place?

Throughout 2016, Campus Pride and Athlete Ally will work with college athletic and sports recreation programs to survey their internal policies, programs, and climate. In 2017, the project will culminate in a groundbreaking report and benchmarking measurements that will enable college athletic and recreation administrators to evaluate their sporting environments for LGBT-inclusivity.


Who can take part in The Sports Inclusion Project?

Every campus with an athletic department, sports recreation program, or intercollegiate program is invited to participate.


What is The Sports Inclusion Project assessing?

The first phase of this project consists of two brief, yet thorough, assessments:

  • The Athlete Ally Climate Survey is a qualitative assessment that will analyze the LGBT-inclusion climate in your Athletic Department from the perspective of student-athletes, coaches, and administrators. This 15-minute voluntary survey will make it possible to shape future inclusion goals and strategies more accurately.

  • The Campus Pride Sports Index provides a quantitative assessment for colleges and universities to assess LGBT-inclusive policies, programs, and practices related to intercollegiate athletics and collegiate recreation. This 45-minute assessment will pinpoint both the best LGBT-inclusive sports policies and practices as well as key gaps for improvement in policy and programs.


Participate in the Sports Inclusion Project by completing:















The Sports Inclusion Project will contact you with your results, as well as concrete steps your campus can take to become more inclusive.